Three Sisters Centre

For Healing Arts

Our Mission

We seek to honor and revive the spiritual, folk medical, and agricultural wisdom of the Pennsylvania German people. We are dedicated to returning this cultural inheritance in its most whole and inspired form to its heirs and their future generations.


We recognize Pennsylvania German tradition and culture as a living being and seek to sustain and grow its spirit. We honor the traditions of Elders and remain open to the continuing evolution of traditional culture

Our Guiding Principles

Culture & Tradition

We believe that this living being of culture and tradition must be continuously nurtured and allowed to evolve, recognizing that otherwise it would stagnate and die.


We honor the unique spiritual and cultural inheritance from which the Pennsylvania German healing traditions of Braucherei evolved. We are grateful to inherit a healing tradition, which honors and encompasses all of our history as a people ad all of our ancestors.

Education & Healing

We believe that education and healing are vital to all people, and we are dedicated to making this folk tradition available and accessible to all of its heirs


We seek to revive the resourcefulness of the traditional Pennsylvania German culture. We see this resourcefulness as the key to a sustainable future. Traditional Pennsylvania German agriculture recognizes the interdependence of all creation. We honor the respectful way in which this culture cares for the land and all of its creatures.