Our Offerings

Three Sisters Center for the Healing Arts offers a variety of ways through which the wider community can learn more about Braucherei. Our newsletter, “Hollerbeier Haven” voices many different aspects of Braucherei wisdom and spirituality as we have learned it. This is a good introduction to our work. Those who subscribe to our newsletter receive discounts on our monthly guild meetings (from February to October annually).

The monthly guild gatherings cover a wide variety of topics. These gatherings are well suited to those who want to gain a deeper knowledge of Braucherei, but can’t make the comitment to the full year course. The guild gatherings are taught by different members of the Three Sisters Raad each month.

Der Braucherei Weg is our full year course. The course is designed to delve into the history and evolution as well as the theory and practice of current Braucherei tradition. This course is ideal for those who want to have a very strong understanding of the full scope of Braucherei wisdom. Der Braucherei Weg is a prerequisite for an potential Braucherei apprentices.

In addition to these offerings, all of us at Three Sisters Center are fully trained and practicing Brauchers. We are all available for Braucherei sessions by appointment. If you are interested in a session with one of our practitioners